The Allpresan brand

Skin care products developed specifically for the needs of skin on the feet 

We are at home in the skin care world of foam creams: the Allpresan brand includes three product lines with innovative foot care products. 

Allpresan diabetic Foam Creams are specifically tailored to the needs of diabetic skin. Allpresan diabetic Foam Cream INTENSIVE is the first product that is proven to be suitable for use between the toes without producing a greater colonization of germs. 

The products in the Allpresan Podoexpert line set new quality standards: they use the patented BarrioExpert LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology, which allows the skin barrier to repair quickly and ensures sustainable regeneration. 

Allpresan pedicare is the basic product line that offers solution-oriented, systematic foot care: it includes products that provide general basic care for sensitive to very dry skin and nails, and also special products for problem areas such as calloused and cracked skin, sweaty feet and fungal infections.

Medical devices with patented
active formula for diabetics

read about Allpresan diabetic

skin repair products

read about Allpresan Podoexpert

Basic care for sensitive
to very dry skin and nails

read about Allpresan pedicare

What sets us apart from the rest?
Foam creams with BarrioExpert Technology 

Not all foams are the same. Our products are based on technology that enables the foam creams to be spread easily and evenly on the skin. This technology also enables the creams to be absorbed by the skin rapidly. Unlike conventional skin care products, our foam creams do not leave a greasy film on the skin, which means that clothing can be put on immediately after application.

BarrioExpert Technology

The original.
Used in all Allpresan Foam Creams. 

The right foam cream for every skin type

In this entertaining video clip, Sabrina shows us why not all creams are the same, and how our foam cream technologies work. We offer breathable care for every skin condition.

Why should you use medical skin care products?

The skin has a wide variety of responsibilities in the body. These tasks are particularly crucial for our feeling of well-being and attitude towards life. The skin’s protective barrier and pH play a vital role here, and they are repeatedly influenced both positively and negatively by external factors. Everyday care with medical devices helps to maintain the pH and to provide ideal care for the skin. 

Medical skin care is especially important in the treatment of problem skin, such as diabetic skin and atopic dermatitis. If the skin receives good care, this has a positive effect on our health and well-being, which in turn improves the quality of life and attitude towards life. 

Using our foam creams not only helps natural skin regeneration, but also protects affected areas against external factors.

Why use foam creams? See for yourself!

Sabrina loves the innovative foam creams by Allpresan: They are absorbed rapidly, they allow the skin to breathe, and they improve almost any foot problem. There is help available for the hands, body and face as well. And so it is not only Sabrina who finds the right foam cream for her problem, but anybody else who values effective skin care will find support as well.

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